We are happy to announce that Writefull has extended its pre-submission services for a large Open Access publisher. In addition to the Writefull Revise language check that was already in place, this publisher now offers authors structural checks on their manuscripts.

Writefull’s structural checks

The Structural Checks service uses Writefull’s Metadata API to assess the completeness of a manuscript. For example, it checks whether all authors have affiliations, key sections are present, and all references are cited in the text.

Authors submitting to the publisher's journals are now invited to use Writefull’s structural checks together with its language check. When they accept, they continue to Writefull’s page, where they can upload their manuscript and see the results of both checks (see the image below). Authors can download the language revision in Track Changes, and the structural check as a document with details on the requirements to meet before submission.

Like the language revision, the structural checks report helps both the author and the publisher. Authors can ensure that their manuscript meets the requirements to be handled by an editor, reducing the chances of immediate rejection, and helping to speed up the screening process after submission. This is also beneficial to the publisher, who saves a considerable amount of time checking all requirements.

The publisher's Chief Journal Development Officer says:

"Being the first publisher to integrate Writefull into our submission workflow has greatly enhanced the user experience for many of our authors by helping them to easily check and improve the quality and structure of the language in their paper. Our goal through this extended partnership is to further support the researchers who submit to our 240+ journals by reducing the time and effort needed to submit a well-structured manuscript (that editors will be able to easily evaluate) and increasing the chances of their work quickly getting out to peer review."

About Writefull’s Metadata API

The Metadata API automatically extracts key fields and information from (batches of) manuscripts. Its output can be used for different purposes, such as to cross-check and validate manuscripts or to auto-populate systems. In this publisher's use case, the API is used for structural checks, and it runs behind a Writefull-owned webpage offering a user interface.

Contact us

Would you like to learn more about Writefull’s structural checks, or do you have other questions? Contact us at publishers@writefull.com.