Writefull for Overleaf provides real-time language feedback in the Overleaf LaTeX editor, using Deep Learning models trained on millions of published journal articles. Thanks to this, it can identify parts of your text that may be incorrect or inappropriate for scientific writing, and suggest changes.

With a new version of its language check extension now out, Writefull brings even faster and easier language editing within Overleaf.

Seamless language checking

Upload your text and see all language suggestions instantly! Writefull now gives counts of language suggestions across your entire LaTeX file, giving you a quick snapshot of your text’s language quality from the get-go.

And no need to click any button: Writefull’s language corrections are shown automatically, for your whole document.

Enhanced language model information

NEW in Writefull for Overleaf: the confidence levels of our language models are now shown for each language suggestion!
Confidence level percentages are a much appreciated Writefull feature, allowing to gauge the robustness of a language suggestion. This helps the editing process, as it tells you whether a suggestion can be quickly accepted or needs a bit more thinking.

Try it for yourself

You can install the new Writefull for Overleaf free of charge from the Chrome store. For unlimited language suggestions on your text, grab our exclusive launching offer and become a Premium user across all our Writefull products.

Writefull for Overleaf works with Google Chrome and Chromium, but will soon be supported by other browsers including Firefox. Two much-loved features from our Word add-in, Sentence Palette and Language Search, will also be added for enhanced writing help.

As ever, we love to hear from you! Tell us how you like Writefull for Overleaf at overleaf@writefull.com.