The new Writefull for Overleaf was announced last month, bringing even faster and easier language editing in Overleaf thanks to its new features. And now it got even better!

The quality of its language suggestions, as well as its genuine ability to understand LaTeX, were noted as making Writefull stand out from other language-checking tools. And lately we’ve been working hard to address the queries and bugs that were also reported.

The following lists some improvements made over the last few weeks:

  • Improved LaTeX parser, for better handling of a wider range of LaTeX commands
  • Improved cache for rejected suggestions
  • Support to Overleaf dark editor themes
  • Improved general stability and performance for very large files

More to come soon! If you haven’t already, install the new Writefull for Overleaf and see how its AI-driven language models make your language editing in Overleaf a breeze.

Then let us know what you think at! Because we strive to make you happy, Writefull keeps getting better and better.