An academic text should read like one. That means it should have appropriate vocabulary and eloquent phrases, and avoid colloquial language. Difficult? We’re coming to the rescue with the Writefull Academizer - a new widget that automatically rewrites your informal sentences into academic ones. This is Writefull’s fourth AI-based widget, following the Paraphraser, Title Generator, and Abstract Generator.

How to use the Writefull Academizer

Access the Academizer here. Simply paste your sentence into the Writefull Academizer input box and press ‘Academize!’ to get academic rewrites. You can regenerate as often as you wish. Use Writefull’s academized sentences in your paper or thesis, or draw from multiple sentences to create your own.

So is this an informal-to-formal language converter?

It’s more than that! We trained our own model to convert informal language into academic language. It makes your language more formal, but with the twist that it fits the academic context. This means it’s perfect to help you write your paper, thesis, or other academic text.

What’s the difference between Writefull’s Academizer and Paraphraser?

Both widgets rewrite your sentences, but the difference is that the Academizer has been trained to make informal language academic, while the Paraphraser rewrites academic sentences into new academic ones. Use the Academizer if you have an informal sentence that you want to rewrite for academic purposes, and the Paraphraser if you have an academic sentence that you want to rephrase.

About the author

Hilde is Chief Applied Linguist at Writefull.