It is now even easier to use the Paraphraser and Title Generator in Writefull for Overleaf. As of today, the two widgets can be used within your LaTeX source code directly.

The Paraphraser and Title Generator used to be accessible from Writefull’s drop-down menu and load in a separate window. With today’s update, you access both widgets from your source code directly by selecting a sentence or paragraph, and clicking the widgets’ icons in the top bar. A suggestion card then appears, showing Writefull’s auto-generated paraphrase or title.

From there, you can choose to accept Writefull's paraphrase or title. In the case of the paraphrase, click ‘replace’ to directly overwrite your selected sentence. To accept the title, click ‘copy’ to paste it into your text where you wish. Choose ‘regenerate’ to have Writefull create another paraphrase or title.

For the Paraphraser, this new behavior also means you can no longer choose a paraphrasing level. In case you want to play with the different levels, we still offer Writefull’s original Paraphraser on this page.

Along with this UI update, we have significantly improved the quality of Writefull’s paraphraser model. Following additional testing and training, the model’s responses are more robust and varied. Download Writefull for Overleaf and give it a go today!

About the author

Hilde van Zeeland is Chief Applied Linguist at Writefull.