When preparing your manuscript, remember to include at least some of the following statements before submitting it to a journal.


Make sure to thank the people who helped you with the research in a significant way. Whether through providing insightful comments on your draft, technical assistance or lab facilities, they deserve your gratitude. For example:


Without money to fund your PhD or a grant for your research project, there would be no manuscript to submit. Name each and every funding body for all authors involved, and don’t forget to include grant numbers if applicable. For example:

Data availability

If you’re working with data (qualitative or quantitative), tell readers how to access it. And whenever possible, make it open. This will increase the credibility of your work, as well as the possibility for replication studies. For example:

Conflict of interest

Many journals require a conflict of interest statement, regardless of whether there is any to report. This allows readers to understand possible biases and evaluate your research in a fully informed way. For example:

For plenty of sentence templates to include in the above sections, check out the Sentence Palette in Writefull for Word and Writefull for Overleaf!