The British Ecological Society, the oldest ecological society in the world, has integrated Writefull into its manuscript submission system. Submitting authors can now use Writefull’s language revision free of charge. The British Ecological Society joins other publishers, such as Cambridge University Press and Karger, in an effort to reduce the language barrier for authors.

Authors who are submitting their manuscript are invited to use Writefull Revise, a web app where they can upload their document, and download a revised version with Writefull’s language edits in Track Changes. The language suggestions, provided by Writefull’s language models, are tailored to research writing.

Through this integration, the British Ecological Society offers language and writing support to all authors who may need it. As the Society writes: "The expectation for authors to publish in English can be a significant barrier for researchers whose native language is not English. It can also lead to significantly longer times in peer review if Editors also have to return papers to authors where the language isn’t of the required standard."

Besides offering the pre-submission language check, the Society may also recommend authors to use Writefull for a language screening later on, when a final decision is sent out.  

More about Writefull for Publishers

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