‘Sentence Palette’ and ‘Language Search’, two distinguishing features of Writefull for Word, are now available in Writefull for Overleaf! This much anticipated addition means Overleaf users can now go beyond the language check to improve their academic writing.

What are Sentence Palette and Language Search

The Sentence Palette is a collection of sentences and phrases commonly used in academic papers. It is organised into the sections that papers usually include, like Introduction, Literature, and Methods. It also includes a collection of ‘connectors’, i.e. words or phrases that tie your sentences together.

The Language Search enables you to search a database of millions of scientific publications from different fields of research, to explore academic language patterns in the literature. Not sure how to use a particular word or phrase in your text, or if there are better alternatives? The Language Search has you covered!

Find words in context
Find synonyms in context

How to use Sentence Palette and Language Search

Sentence Palette and Language Search are available from the Writefull for Overleaf menu to all Premium users. Check out our user guide and find out how to make the most of them!

And if you haven’t already, you can install Writefull for Overleaf for free here.