At Writefull, we are constantly improving our language models. Through training, testing, and expanding our model base, we ensure that Writefull’s language feedback is the best out there - in quality, coverage, and speed.

To this end, we recently added and improved the following models:

  • We added SpellX: a contextualized spell checker that uses the sentence context to fix spelling. Rather than only using a dictionary to see if a word exists - as most spell checkers do - it uses a language model to assess if an existing, similar word form is more appropriate in a sentence context. Thanks to this, Writefull does not only correct ‘The most important thinb is...’ for ‘The most important thing is...’, but also ‘The most important thin is...’ for ‘The most important thing is’.
  • We improved our checks on split, joined, and hyphenated word forms - think of ‘well known’, ‘wellknown’, and ‘well-known’.
  • This week, we will expand our check on capitalization, correcting even non-general terms such as ‘betaine’ (and not ‘Betaine’!).
  • Subject-verb agreement checks will also be enhanced this week, to cover verb tense and conjugation in even the most complex sentences.

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