Exciting news for all Overleaf users! We just released a new version of Writefull for Overleaf, offering even more AI to help you write and revise your text in Overleaf. This new version comes with a context menu that is accessible with a single click, offering TeXGPT and a toolkit of nifty AI options.

Hang on–what’s TeXGPT?

TeXGPT is a popular generative AI feature offered by Writefull and specifically tailored to LaTeX. It helps you generate tables and figures, equations, formatting, and more–and it answers all of your questions around LaTeX and research writing.

You’ll notice that we made TeXGPT more accessible in this new version. You can now activate it by pressing space on a new line, or by clicking the context menu popup that appears when you select some text:

New AI options

The second and most exciting change is the addition of new AI options, which work on the text you select. You can choose to paraphrase, change your style, split or join sentences, or summarize or explain paragraphs. We’ll look at these in turn.


The previous version also offered this option, but it is now much easier to use, as you can select (part of) a sentence or paragraph and choose ‘paraphrase’ from the context menu directly.

Change style

Feeling that your writing is too informal or lengthy? Use this option to make it more scientific-sounding, concise, or punchy. Like with the paraphraser, you select the part you want rewritten, whether this is a phrase, sentence, or paragraph.

Split / join

This option lets you either split a sentence into two or more sentences, or join two or more sentences. Splitting a long sentence can make it easier to read. Likewise, you can choose to join two or more short sentences to improve your flow.


Want to get to the gist of something, to reuse in your abstract or discussion, or to explain to someone? The ‘summarize’ option is perfect for this. Select a piece of your text and choose this option to get a concise summary.


This option helps you explain part of your text. What’s especially great is that it uses the wider context to do so. If you select one sentence, it will use the paragraph as context to explain the selected sentence. The Explain option can help you to dive deeper into statements you make, or to respond to questions of reviewers or other peers.

Navigating the menu

The menu always opens with the TeXGPT question bar active, so you can start entering your question or LaTeX query straight away. To use one of the other options instead, use the keyboard or mouse.

When you’re happy with the response (whether this is an answer, paraphrase, rewrite, or something else), press Enter or click the button to add it to your text.

Accessing these new AI features

Like TeXGPT, the new AI context menu options are Premium features. However, even if you don’t have a subscription, you get to use all Premium features offered in the context menu for a small number of times a day, so you can try them out.

We’d love to hear from you!

We’d love to hear what you think of this revamped version of Writefull for Overleaf! Please write to us at support@writefull.com with any questions, issues, or suggestions.