We keep adding to our arsenal of tools. Today, we bring you the Writefull Paraphraser: an AI-based tool that rewrites any sentence. No more struggling to come up with the right words. Enter your sentence and it will give you a set of paraphrases across three levels.

How it works

The Writefull Paraphraser uses its own Deep Learning (AI) model. The model processes the meaning of the words in a sentence, and offers a few new sentences that convey the same - or a highly similar - meaning. Unlike other tools, the Writefull Paraphraser uses a single end-to-end model that is able to produce three paraphrasing levels, with no pre- or post-processing.

The tool lets you set the level of paraphrasing you want: low, medium, or high. Low makes small changes, like single word replacements, while High rewrites entire phrases. Access the Writefull Paraphraser here!

What it’s for

We developed the Writefull Paraphraser to help you craft sentences. Coming up with the right words to convey a message can be challenging. We all get stuck writing awkward phrases or overused constructions. The Writefull Paraphraser helps you find new ways to express your ideas. Enter any sentence, and you get alternatives. Not only does this help you to speed up your writing and add variation to your sentences - it also lets you improve your writing skills!

What it’s not for

This tool is not meant to help you plagiarize. We disapprove of plagiarism and strongly discourage you to use the tool to paraphrase other authors' sentences. Remember that taking other authors’ ideas and using these as your own is plagiarism - no matter how much paraphrasing you do. If you want to use others’ ideas, it works best to take your eyes off the original text, make sense of the message, and then put it in your own words. And, of course, always cite the source.

The Writefull Paraphraser also isn’t meant as a language check. It might fix errors in the process of paraphrasing, but that’s not what it’s for. In fact, if you feed the tool broken language, it’s unlikely to make sense of it. If you’re looking for a proofreading service, try one of our other tools, like Writefull for Word or Writefull for Overleaf.

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About the author

Hilde is Chief Applied Linguist at Writefull.