Many Writefull users have been waiting for this moment: The new Writefull has been launched! This new version uses Deep Learning algorithms and massive language databases to give you feedback on your texts. Its feedback is tailored to academic writing, so the tool is especially helpful to students and researchers.

Wait - what’s Writefull?

Writefull is a free tool that helps you with your writing. It uses databases of texts to show you how words and phrases are used. You can see how often a word or phrase occurs, compare the occurrences of two, and even see which words or synonyms usually occur in a certain context.

So what’s new?

A lot! These are the biggest changes:

  1. Writefull now checks your text automatically. You can paste or write your text in Writefull’s editor, and you’ll get suggestions on how to improve grammar, style, word use, and more. You can also search the language database, just like in the old Writefull.
  2. Writefull’s suggestions are based on Deep Learning algorithms. Thanks to having processed millions of texts, Writefull’s algorithms quickly see if your writing follows the usual patterns (so if it’s grammatically correct). If not, Writefull might suggest changes to your text.
  3. The search results and feedback are tailored to academic writing. Writefull’s new language database consists of millions of journal articles. Of course, you can still use Writefull when writing other types of texts too.
  4. To make things even easier, Writefull offers the ‘sentence palette’. This is a browsable library of sentences which you can paste right into your text.

So, in a nutshell, Writefull makes writing a lot easier and quicker - especially when writing for academic purposes.

Getting started

Go to and leave your email address, so that we can send you an access token. If you have an email address from an academic institution, you’ll get early access.