Charlesworth Group, global provider of author and publisher services, has integrated Writefull’s Language API into their author services workflow. As part of the Charlesworth AI Paper Checking Service, Writefull’s AI-based language check is used to advise authors on whether their manuscript needs language editing.

Writefull’s Language API processes manuscripts and returns AI-based language edits and quality metrics. Publishers use the API to (automatically) revise texts and to evaluate how much editing manuscripts need.

Charlesworth recently added the AI Paper Checking Service to their services for authors. This free tool is structured to help authors decide whether their manuscript should go through additional language editing.

Authors can upload their manuscript to the tool for a language recommendation. Their text is then sent to the Writefull API, which returns language quality metrics based on Writefull’s AI language models. Using these metrics, Charlesworth’s AI Paper Checking Service shows the author the overall language quality of their manuscript and whether additional language editing is advised. Authors can then continue to have their manuscript copyedited by Charlesworth’s author services or use Writefull’s automated language revision.

The service is meant to help not only authors, who may struggle to judge whether their work needs editing, but also publishers. Thanks to Writefull’s check, manuscripts of poor language quality are more likely to get the editing they need, which should lead to better-written manuscripts being submitted to journals.

Michael Evans, CEO of Charlesworth, comments: "We're always looking at ways to improve not just the author experience, but how we can support our publishing partners to accomplish their goals. Partnering with a specialist solution-provider like Writefull means we can positively impact the quality of published work prior to submission. By combining our specialist expertise, we can provide a unified, integrated solution to support our author and publisher community sooner in the publication process. We are delighted to be working with Writefull to help improve author experience through this partnership."

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This is only one of many use cases of Writefull’s Language API. Publishers, language editing agencies, and other clients use the API for text screening, triaging, revising, and more. Contact us for more information at