Writefull’s Abstract Generator auto-generates abstracts using models that are trained on research papers. Thanks to this, the abstracts follow the expected structure and language norms, and are often indistinguishable from human-written abstracts.

Until today, the Abstract Generator was available as a web app only. It quickly gained popularity over the last few months, and we received many requests from our Writeful for Overleaf users to add this new widget to the interface.

Within Writefull for Overleaf (download here), the Abstract Generator button can be found right next to the Title Generator and Paraphraser. Click it and Writefull will parse your LaTeX source, fetch the relevant parts of your text, and give you an abstract. If you already have an abstract written, you can click ‘Paste’ and Writefull will paste the generated abstract in your abstract area - and comment out your existing abstract(s). If you don’t have an abstract yet, you can click ‘Copy’ to paste it where you want. Once pasted in, you can continue to edit the auto-generated abstract within your LaTeX source code as you wish.

All of Writefull’s widgets and language feedback within Overleaf have been developed especially for LaTeX - and the same goes for the Abstract Generator. This means that your LaTeX syntax will not interfere with the abstract generation, and any running in-text syntax will be preserved in the auto-generated abstract.

More widget ideas?

Writefull is all about automated, AI-driven writing support. We’d love to hear your ideas for new features. Write to us at support@writefull.com, and if we turn your idea into a widget, you get a life-time subscription for free as a thank-you.

About the author
Hilde is Chief Applied Linguist at Writefull.