We are thrilled to announce that we’ve launched a new version of Writefull for Overleaf! This new version offers Writefull’s advanced feedback mode Full Edit, a British-American spelling toggle, and an improved UI for the Title Generator and Paraphraser.

Full Edit

Full Edit is Writefull’s most advanced language feedback mode. It rewrites sentences where needed, improving word order, phrasing, conciseness, and much more. Plus, especially for Overleaf, we’ve adapted it to the specifics of LaTeX, so it works well even with syntax-dense sentences.

When you now click a suggestion in the text, the card shows you the entire sentence with all of Writefull’s suggestions. You can accept or reject these all at once or go over them one by one. Clicking individual suggestions shows you Writefull’s confidence level for each.

Full Edit now is the default mode within Writefull for Overleaf, but you can deactivate it from the menu. Doing so activates the first version of Writefull’s language models - the mode available until today, also called ‘Proofread mode’. Proofread mode is more basic; you’ll get a lot fewer suggestions for the same text.

British-American spell check

As much-requested addition! You can now choose your preferred English variant in Writefull’s menu. Your text will be reprocessed when you change this setting. It's only available in Full Edit mode.

Title Generator and Paraphraser UI

Until today, the Title Generator and Paraphraser were accessible through LaTeX commands only, but you now find them in Writefull’s menu, too. Simply paste in your abstract or sentence to see Writefull’s response. The Paraphraser gives you three options to choose from, with the changes highlighted.

How to access this new version

Simply refresh the page and you'll see the new version.

Tell us what you think!

These are many changes in one update, and we’d love to hear what you think. Contact us at support@writefull.com with any questions or feedback.

About the author

Hilde is Chief Applied Linguist at Writefull.