Time for a new Writefull widget! Today, we release the Abstract Generator. This clever widget uses AI to automatically generate an abstract for your paper.

How it works

Like most of Writefull’s features, the Abstract Generator is fully AI-driven. It uses a model that we trained on published journal papers.

On the Abstract Generator web page, paste in your manuscript body (so from Introduction to Conclusion - excluding your abstract and references), and click ‘Generate Abstract and Title’ to see Writefull’s magic. Along with the abstract, you get a title for your paper - which is based on the auto-generated abstract and provided by Writefull's Title Generator. Don’t like the generated abstract or title? No problem, click the Generate button again to get another pair.

Why an automated Abstract Generator?

The abstract is a challenging paper section to write. It’s hard to select the most relevant parts from your paper and then craft a concise paragraph from these. This new widget helps you tackle this - saving you time and frustration. Remember, Writefull’s output is fully auto-generated, so do check the abstract for completeness and accuracy.

What’s next

This is the very first version of the Abstract Generator, and we will continue to improve it over the next months. Do you have suggestions for improvements, or other ideas for AI-based writing widgets? Please do contact us!

What other widgets does Writefull offer?

If you like the idea of AI-based writing, download Writefull for Word or Writefull for Overleaf. You can then use Writefull’s language edits along with these four widgets:
- The Title Generator, which gives you a title based on your abstract
- The Paraphraser, which rewrites your sentences
- The Sentence Palette, a collection of useful phrases to use in your own work
- Language Search, a database of published papers to explore language use

About the author

Hilde is Chief Applied Linguist at Writefull.