You can now use two new commands in Writefull for Overleaf to get automatically generated titles and paraphrases - right within your LaTeX code.

Wait - what’s Writefull for Overleaf?

Writefull for Overleaf is a Chrome extension that offers Writefull’s automated language check and widgets within Overleaf. The check and widgets are tailored to scientific writing and offered right within your LaTeX code, making writing a breeze.


We have now added \maketitleforreal, a command that uses Writefull’s Title Generator to give you an AI-generated title based on your abstract. All you need to do is make sure that your code contains an abstract indicated by \begin{abstract} and \end{abstract}, which is in English and 150 to 2000 characters long.

Not happy with the title generated? You can try as many as you wish by repeating the command - Writefull will create a new title each time. Note that \maketitleforreal will replace your current title, but you can always undo to recover it!


The second command we added is \paraphrase, which uses Writefull’s Paraphraser to rewrite a sentence. Add the sentence you want paraphrased as a required argument, and indicate the level of paraphrasing you wish (low, medium, or high) as an optional argument. If you don’t add this, Writefull will default to medium.

So these are the commands to use:

\paraphrase[high]{sentence to paraphrase}
\paraphrase[medium]{sentence to paraphrase}
\paraphrase[low]{sentence to paraphrase}

Or use the shorthand:

\paraphrase[h]{sentence to paraphrase}
\paraphrase[m]{sentence to paraphrase}
\paraphrase[l]{sentence to paraphrase}

Note that you must add your sentence immediately after entering the curly braces, or add the closing brace only after having written your sentence - otherwise the required argument is missing, and the command will fail.

More ideas?

We’re keen to add more nifty commands. Do you have any ideas of how AI-generated content could help you write in Overleaf? Let us know at The bright mind of the idea we implement gets a free one-year Writefull subscription!

About the author

Hilde is Chief Applied Linguist at Writefull.