What Writefull tool do you use, and what's your use case?

I am a freelance editor working on distance. My job is to assess and edit academic papers of diverse disciplines (healthcare, business, psychology, management, etc.) and difficulties (from High School to Ph.D.). I use Writefull Revise to make my work more productive and time-efficient.

How does Writefull make your editing work easier?

Writefull helps me to quickly identify problematic parts of the text (words or phrases). Although I would still read the entire text, Writefull highlights specific sections that need my particular attention. Therefore, this service makes my work faster and more focused.

Do you feel Writefull has improved your work as a copy-editor, and if so, how?

Yes, it definitely improved my work. First, Writefull replaces words and phrases that do not sound natural in the specific context, making the text clear and easy to understand. Thus, I learn from the service and improve my English editing skills. Second, this tool can suggest changing the structure of the sentence to make the right impression on the reader. Therefore, I can improve the paper by making it more effective.

Manually editing texts takes a lot of time. How much time do you think you save by using Writefull?

Yes, proofreading academic texts consumes much time since it requires checking all definitions, data and performing fact-checking. I believe Writefull and other free services save at least 20-30% of my time.

How do you think AI and human proofreading can complement each other?

That is a great point! I hold that AI and human proofreading should work collectively to make the text optimal. Indeed, AI makes the process faster and helps to enhance the writing by offering impressive vocabulary and grammar suggestions. Frankly speaking, I am sometimes stunned by the AI corrections that are so suitable and to the point!

Have you tried any other language checking tools out there? If yes, what made Writefull stand out compared to others?

Yes, I did. Out of curiosity, I compared all language checking tools I could find in Google. Writefull is one of the three best services. Yet, it stands out since it suggests corrections that others miss. Also, it might revise some structures that I thought only a human brain could detect!

Would you recommend Writefull to other copy-editors? If yes, why?

I think every professional in their field should have advanced work-related tools. As an editor, Writeful is my tool.

About the author

Hilde is Chief Applied Linguist at Writefull.