Why Scholardle

Scholardle is a variant of Wordle, the word game in which players must guess a five-letter word in six tries daily. Wordle is a lot of fun and has gained astounding popularity from the Twitter sphere.

In Scholardle, players must also guess a new five-letter word everyday, but the twist is that each word is a scholarly word. This means that each word belongs to a list of the most frequently occurring words as derived and curated from Writefull’s database of scientific texts.

As those are less frequent than the common everyday words used in Wordle, Scholardle brings an added challenge to its players - and who likes a challenge more than researchers?

How we made Scholardle

The list of academic words presented in Scholardle was extracted from Writefull’s database of published, peer-reviewed journal articles from a range of academic subjects. In addition to these, words were extracted from the Academic Word List (AWL) by Coxhead. The final list was manually curated, to ensure suitability to a scholarly audience from a variety of disciplines.

Scholardle was built using the open source version of the original Wordle.

Play and share

Have a try at Scholardle and see how your academic word knowledge holds up! And don’t forget to share your score on Twitter afterwards - it’s all part of the fun.