Looking for a grammar checker in Overleaf? Try out Writefull and get the best language feedback and writing features on your LaTeX document, instantly. And unlike other tools like Grammarly, Writefull can be used within Overleaf directly.

Language suggestions tailored to scientific writing

Unlike other tools relying on prescriptive grammar rules, Writefull’s language feedback is driven by powerful AI models. These are trained on billions of scientific texts across all disciplines, ensuring language suggestions are accurate, relevant to the context of your sentence, and suited to the specific style of academic writing. Confidence percentages are provided to help you review suggestions, too.

Clever widgets to help you write

Writefull for Overleaf does far more than proofread your LaTeX doc. It actually helps you in the process of writing. Open the Sentence Palette and find a collection of +600 template sentences to incorporate straight into your text, for whatever section of your paper and whatever meaning you’re trying to convey. Or open the Language Search and see how words and phrases are used in context by other authors.

Seamless integration and AI magic

Writefull integrates seamlessly into Overleaf, and even has its own LaTeX commands. Thanks to these, you get our cleverest widgets directly from your LaTeX source. Try entering \maketitleforreal, a command that uses Writefull’s Title Generator to give you an AI-generated title based on your abstract. Or enter \paraphrase followed by any sentence, to get clever rephrasings based on Writefull’s Paraphraser.