As a complete language solution for academic, scientific and technical writing, Writefull has very broad use cases.
Arash Bidadkosh, a PhD researcher at the University of Groningen and QA (Quality Assurance) consultant for companies across the Netherlands, tells us about the various ways Writefull helps him in his work.

Hi Arash, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I am originally from Iran, currently living and working both as a PhD researcher and QA consultant in the Netherlands. My academic background is in Medicine.

What do you use Writefull for?

I have a genuine interest in improving my scientific writing and that of the PhD students I work with. I use Writefull to improve the language quality of research papers that are about to be submitted for publication or have come back to us for revisions. But I also use it in my non-academic work, for translations of technical documents from Dutch to English. Here Google Translate helps, but is not always correct. With Writefull, I can turn a Google translation of SOPs (standard operating procedures) into perfectly natural English for the company I work for.

What do you like most about Writefull?

I like Writefull’s clever language suggestions based on context. I can tell that it has learned from a scientific database of texts to produce natural phrasing that just works for the context of a sentence. I also like Writefull's comma and preposition suggestions. The preposition ones are especially helpful for me as a non-native speaker. Thanks to those, I can focus on the content of the paper. Finally, the option of revising texts with Track Changes is very convenient.

Would you recommend Writefull to others, and if so who?

I just love your program and recommend it to everyone I know, from PhD students I work with that really struggle with their scientific English, to companies which nowadays need to translate many documents into English. I also think widgets like the Sentence Palette are useful to students with limited proficiency, who may find themselves copying and pasting entire chunks of text from other articles to build their own sentences, and accidentally commit plagiarism.
There is simply no other language tool I’d recommend, and I’ve tried a lot. I’m a perfectionist: if your software makes a great impression on me, then it must be good!

About the author

Mélodie is an Applied Linguist at Writefull.