Over the years Writefull has become so much more than a language checker. Our widgets paraphrase any sentence of your text, generate a title based on a paper’s abstract, and even generate the abstract itself. Our ‘Academizer’ is just one of our latest widgets using AI. Here’s why you need it.

What’s an ‘academic writing style’?

Most people struggle with writing. But when it comes to academic writing, the struggle gets harder. Not only are many scientists non-native speakers of English, but many also have limited experience writing papers. They know the style is very different from that of everyday English, novels or newspapers, but they struggle to pin it down. And this in turn impedes their confidence as writers, and their productivity.

Probably the main characteristics of academic writing are that it is formal, precise, and highly specialized. Features of everyday language such as slang (e.g. things), contractions (e.g. it’s, can’t), vagueness (e.g. huge, nice) should be banned. Even phrasal verbs are best avoided (most of the time). By contrast, something like hedging (when not overdone) will make your writing more academic-like.

You probably know all this. The problem is that, while in the process of writing, focusing on avoiding language errors, structuring your text in sentences and paragraphs, etc, remembering the ‘style rules’ is a challenge.

How does the Academizer help?

Writefull’s Academizer helps by automatically rewriting your informal sentences into academic ones. Through training our language models on real academic output, we help you convert colloquial text into eloquent language that is appropriate for science.

Do try the Academizer next time you write your paper, thesis, or any other academic text. It is free, easy to use, and entirely secure.

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