Today, we launched a new version of Writefull for Overleaf. This new version makes it even easier to use Writefull’s AI language check and writing widgets within the Overleaf editor.

These are the main changes:

It loads quicker. The new version processes your text quicker, and responds faster when switching between your documents in Overleaf.

It’s more stable. In other words, it’s less buggy. If you do find anything weird in this new version, please write to us at

It corrects only the text you see. The previous version would process your entire document before showing you any language suggestions. This new version parses and corrects only the text you see on the screen, and new suggestions appear as you scroll. No more waiting!

It works in Rich Text. The previous version would only show you language suggestions if you’d first have your text processed in Overleaf’s Source. This is no longer needed; Writefull now copyedits your text in Rich Text too.

It’s always in Full Edit mode. In the previous version, you could choose between two modes: Proofread for a light grammar check and Full Edit for advanced copyediting. As Full Edit is more comprehensive (and, in our humble opinion, the best AI language check you can get), we’ve removed Proofread mode.

It has an improved UI. Look at the language suggestion cards, which are more spacious, and the toolbar, which now becomes a floating element when you’re using a smaller screen.

All widgets expect TexGPT are available for free. Writefull’s Language Search and Sentence Palette have become free features, like the Paraphraser, Title Generator, Abstract Generator, and all features available from Writefull X already were–you can upgrade to Premium if the daily quota with a free account is too low. The only feature that’s unavailable if you’re not Premium is TexGPT, a recently added widget that combines the AI of Writefull and GPT to help you write in LaTeX.

Try it now!

If you're new to Writefull for Overleaf, download it here. If you already have the extension installed, it might be enough to refresh Overleaf. The new version that should show at the bottom of Writefull's menu is 2.1.0. (If you still see 2.0.3, the update hasn’t happened.) If this doesn’t do the trick, exit and reopen Chrome to refresh the extension.